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The following job information has been revised from earlier versions
from EDD. Please share with students/grads who may have an interest.
Many thanks!


Christine Hollister, MPA

Director, Career Services Center

CSU Stanislaus



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TAX AUDITOR - California Employment Development Department, Fresno and

The California Employment Development Department (EDD) offers a wide
variety of services to millions of Californians under the Job Service,
Unemployment Insurance (UI), State Disability Insurance (SDI), Workforce
Investment, and Labor Market Information programs. As California's
largest tax collection agency, EDD also handles the audit and collection
of payroll taxes and maintains employment records for more than 17
million California workers. 


As a member of EDD's Team and upon completion of training, a Tax Auditor
with EDD: 

*         Conducts tax audits and investigations involving complex
determination on employment status, wages and legal business entities. 

*         Determines if all wages paid to employees have been properly

*         Determines if taxes have been properly paid. 

*         Works with a wide range of business, Certified Public
Accountants, attorneys and accounting systems. 

*         Assists the employer community and practitioners in their
understanding of the law in order to meet their payroll tax reporting



*         Permanent Full-time annual salary is $39,144 - $58,836. 

*         Merit Salary increases 

*         Hiring-Above-Minimum Pay 

*         $3,600 bonus for passing CPA exam

*         Reimbursement of up to $1,500 of CPA review courses 

*         Flexible work schedules 

*         Advancement Opportunities 

*         14 paid holidays per year 

*         Paid vacation and sick leave 

*         Health, dental and vision plans 

*         401K and 457 plans 

*         Full retirement package 



Either I: Equivalent to graduation from college, with a specialization
in accounting. Registration as a senior student in a recognized
institution will admit applicants to the examination, but they must
produce evidence of successful completion of the curriculum and the
prescribed courses before they may be considered eligible for


Or II: Completion of a prescribed professional accounting curriculum
given by a residence or correspondence school of accountancy including
courses in elementary and advanced accounting, auditing, cost
accounting, and business law. 


Or III: Completion of the equivalent of 19 semester units of course
work, 16 units of which shall be professional accounting courses given
by a collegiate-grade residence institution courses in elementary and
advanced accounting, auditing and cost accounting; and three semester
units of business law. Applicants who will complete course work
requirements outlined under II and III above during the current quarter
or semester will be admitted to the examination, but they must produce
evidence of successful completion of the curriculum and the prescribed
courses before they may be considered eligible for appointment. 


"Professional accounting curriculum" means core accounting courses that
are the required courses needed to obtain a certificate or an Associate
of Arts or Bachelors Degree in Accounting. Unacceptable courses would
include mathematics, statistics, data processing, bookkeeping, marketing
and Introduction to Accounting. 


Individuals must successfully participate in exam process to be
considered for this opportunity. 



Please submit the following:

P    Cover Letter

P    Resume

P    State Application Form (STD. 678), located on http://www.spb.ca.gov

P    Tax Auditor On-Line Exam score - This exam is located on
http://www.edd.ca.gov <http://www.edd.ca.gov/>  under "Careers with EDD"
and "Open Examinations".  Please call Erik Fay (916) 653-4472, Alice
Wallace (916) 654-8110 or Rachael Eubanks (916) 653-3508 prior to taking
this exam for more information.

P    Copy of on-line transcripts or diploma (if available)


Please send the above documents to:

Employment Development Department

800 Capitol Mall - MIC 93

Sacramento, CA 95814

Attn: Rachael Eubanks


You may also send them via email at reubanks at edd.ca.gov

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